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Interview- Financial Planning in Cases of Divorce

This brief video, posted on YouTube, is a brief testimonial for a professional association of financial planners with specialized training in the financial issues of divorce. 
The financial impact of divorce is substantial and clients going through the process must make crucial decisions under the most trying circumstances.  The results of those decisions reach far beyond the time frame of the divorce itself, usually changing the lives of both spouses and children.
Good financial advice during this crucial period can not mend broken families.  However, it can help all parties to achieve some measure of control over their financial futures.
Bill Keffer earned credentials as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in order to better serve clients who find themselves in the process of  "decoupling."  Bill's primary focus, in cases of divorce, is on Collaborative Divorce which seeks to nurture mutual decision-making, rather than postitional bargaining, with an end-goal of faster healing and rebuilding of separate lives.  The Collaborative Process is also a much better solution for the establishment of co-parenting arrangements, which will continue for the rest of the couple's lives.
View Bill's YouTube video here:
Learn more about Collaborative Law at:

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