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Presentation to Law School Class on Collaborative Divorce Financial Planning

On April 12, 2010, Bill Keffer, CFP, CDFA made a presentation on the role of the financial "neutral" in collaborative divorce cases to a John Marshall Law School class.  The course on Alternative Dispute Resolution was taught by Anne Mudd, J.D. who, along with Bill Keffer, is a Fellow in the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois. 
Ms. Mudd regularly includes a module on this innovative approach to ending a marriage in a mutually respectful way in her ADR classes.  Bill's contribution in this particular class was an overview of the part played by a financial professional, who typically serves as a neutral advisor to both spouses.  Financial planners who practice in this area must have certification in divorce financial analysis as well as specialized training in the collaborative process.  Most are also Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, or attorneys.
The collaborative process is also unique in its use of a mental health professionals with a specific focus on divorce coaching to help the couple navigate through difficult emotional issues and child specialists who deal with the many needs of children of divorce.  Linda Lucatorto,  M.Ed., CPC made a presentation on the part played by a divorce coach.
To learn more about collaborative divorce, visit the website of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois,

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