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Financial Planning Services

     Keffer Financial Planning

Offices in Oak Park, Wheaton and Chicago
Providing clarity, direction and motivation
to a discerning clientele through hourly, as-needed fee-only advice

Most people spend more time planning their next vacation or car purchase than on their financial future.  Not surprisingly, this approach often creates anxiety and stress.  And it should.  A plan to nowhere will almost certainly lead there.  We provide financial plans to get you where you want to go, serving clients in throughout the Chicago area from our offices in Oak Park, Wheaton and Chicago's Loop. 

What do our financial planning services include?

    • Comprehensive financial planning
    • Financial analysis
    • Retirement planning
    • Early retirement assessment
    • Investment planning and asset allocation
    • College funding advice
    • Employee benefit and 401(k) evaluation
    • Life, disability and long-term care insurance analysis
    • Tax reduction strategies
    • Estate planning advice
    • Low-cost 401(k) plans for business owners & professionals



What can a financial plan do for you?

A solid financial plan helps you answer three very important questions:
  • What are my priorities and objectives?
  • Can I achieve my financial goals?
  • Am I overlooking anything important?

Dealing with your financial goals in a straight-forward, thorough and objective manner gives you a sense of clarity. With clarity comes direction. With direction comes motivation. And with clarity, direction and motivation, your odds of success are greatly increased. 

At the end of the day, you feel purposeful and organized.  Anxiety and stress about the future are eased.
You may choose to have us evaluate any one of these areas or provide a comprehensive financial plan.  The choice is entirely yours.
Why might an hourly, as-needed fee-only advisor be right for you?
  • No product sales or commissions
  • No ongoing fee for “assets under management”
  • Significantly reduce the costs associated with investing 

How is hourly  fee-only advice different?

  • Advice can be offered with total objectivity
  • Hourly planners are free to work with people at all levels of income and net worth
  • You retain control of your assets
  • You pay for as much advice as you need when you feel you need it

Who seems to prefer an as-needed hourly financial planning approach?

We would describe our clients as...
  • Middle Americans from all walks of life
  • Self-directed investors who want an occasional second opinion
  • Busy families with competing demands for their time and money
  • Professionals and managers who want to stay in control but also prefer to delegate some of the planning and analytical work
  • Folks with most of their assets tied up in their house and/or the 401(k) who might not meet the minimum requirements of many planning firms and brokerage houses
  • Near or recent retirees who want to make sure they are set for a retirement
  • People who prefer not to enter into a long-term commitment
  • Cost-conscious people who want to know what they are paying for services and expect value 

To take advantage of our services, contact Keffer Financial Planning for a no-cost "Get Acquainted" meeting at Bill@KefferFinancialPlanning.com or (630) 842-5609.


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